Friday, July 31, 2020

Talkspace Teams with USA Triathlon to Support Athletes

Mark Hirschhorn possesses extensive experience in managing telehealth startups. Since early 2020, Mark Hirschhorn has served as president and COO of Talkspace, a company that gives individuals access to therapy services through talk, text, and other digital communication options.

Recently, Talkspace teamed with USA Triathlon to expand its mental health services to everyone on the national team. These athletes often spend much of their time on the road, especially during the triathlon season, which can make it difficult to maintain relationships with therapists. This partnership opens up the telehealth Talkspace services to national team athletes so they can maintain their relationships with therapists no matter where they are on any given day.

This partnership is the first component of Transition 3, a new program launched by USA Triathlon to help elite athletes prepare to transition into life after professional sports. The program is meant to provide career, education, and wellness support for athletes. The Talkspace arrangement helps ensure that athletes always have access to high-quality behavioral health services before and during this transition.