Wednesday, November 4, 2020

ArisGlobal’s LifeSphere Platform Boosts Big BioPharma Effectiveness

Mark Hirschhorn serves as president and COO of Talkspace, a top-rated online mental health services platform. Talkspace connects clients with licensed therapists in a secure environment, allowing them to share information and questions in real-time and meet in scheduled private videoconference sessions. The growth and strength of the Talkspace user experience are supported by Mark Hirschhorn’s two decades of working in positions of major responsibility in digital and media software companies, including ArisGlobal.

ArisGlobal continues as a leader in helping to ensure the safety of developing medications by supplying sophisticated and cloud-based pharmacovigilance support services. ArisGlobal helps biopharma companies internalize their safety vigilance across an integrated platform and an end-to-end automated process, allowing them to seamlessly coordinate safety data while achieving pioneering product development and cost-efficiency.

The company’s LifeSphere Multivigilance 10 life sciences software serves as one of the world’s most effective tools for helping pharmaceutical manufacturers build out their core drug development activities safely and effectively. In August 2020, ArisGlobal announced that a Top 5 Big BioPharma company had chosen to deploy the LifeSphere safety platform to serve as the cornerstone of its growing pharmacovigilance technology development.

The company, which had relied on a legacy platform to support its safety needs, pivoted to LifeSphere as part of a modernization effort that will help it address the immediate issue of handling an increasing volume of adverse-event cases while increasing its global competitiveness and reach over the long term. 

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